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Thread: How to start Zimbra from the console?

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    Default How to start Zimbra from the console?

    Actually my question is kinda different,
    I am currently on OpenSUSE with KDE4 and I use an Plasmoid for checking if I have an unread email when you click on said plasmoid you launch your email reader but it doesn't work with zimbra.
    It works with kmail, I think the problem is that the application tryes to launch through the konsole but Im no expert.

    The plasmoid is called "GX Mail Notify"

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    That plasmoid, and pretty all of the other toasters I have seen, presume a fat client installed locally that the plasmoid can launch.

    I switched from KDE 3.5.x to Gnome when I upgraded my workstation to OpenSUSE 11.1, so I'm a bit behind on KDE 4.2 functionality, but I'd see if you can configure the plasmoid to launch firefox as your default email application, and then set your Zimbra server as the default web page in firefox.

    Personally, I don't need a toaster. In the Zimbra web interface, you can go to Preferences > Mail > Receiving Messages box and click the "Flash the browser title" tickbox. I just stay logged in to Zimbra all day, and even when firefox is minimized, the firefox icon in the Window List task manager at the bottom of the screen will flash "New Message" for me.

    If I have firefox with focus but have a number of tabs open, the Zimbra tab will flash the same.

    Hope that helps,

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