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Thread: Zimbra Desktop calendar goes blank occasionally

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    Default Zimbra Desktop calendar goes blank occasionally

    We have a user running Zimbra Desktop (1.0 Build 1537) and periodically his calendar goes blank. That is, all the appointments just disappear. He has to exit the application and restart it before the calendar populates with all his appointments again. There are no issues with network connectivity as far as we can tell -- his email works fine at the time the problem happens. It's just as if the Calendar connection stops working.

    As far as what precedes the problem, he says it's usually when he's looking at the Work Week view of his calendar. He scrolls a few weeks into the future and then when he scrolls back to the current week, the calendar is blank. The problem isn't reproducible on demand though -- it's just sporadic.

    What could be the cause of this? Any ideas for a solution other than exiting and restarting YZD?

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    Default Zimbra Desktop Calendar goes blank occasionally.

    I have 10 users on our campus testing this right now and have had several of them with the same issue. We are also using Zimbra Desktop 1.0 build 1537.

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    Default Default Zimbra Desktop calendar goes blank occasionally

    We are also experiencing this problem two or three times a week, running the same version.

    On one occasion we found that when the calendar was blank in Zimbra Desktop, the calendar had also gone blank in the web interface.

    After restarting Zimbra Desktop we could then see the calendar again in the web interface.

    We just discovered that pressing Shift-F5 refreshes the calendar, which is slightly quicker than restarting Zimbra Desktop.
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