My organisation provides me with email services through ZCS v5.0.5. I generally access my email through ZD. Recently we changed our domain name so my email address changed from (false example) to

When I use the Advanced Web client to access ZCS it now shows my account as However my ZD account still shows as If I go to the setup page of ZD and edit the Zimbra account settings, changing the email address from to, then press "Validate & Save" it simply changes the email address back to

Almost everything seems to still be working in ZD despite this but the difference in domain name seems to be causing two problems:

  1. calendar appointments created in the web client or on my mobile phone (i.e. created by directly on ZCS) appear in ZD as not belonging to me so it asks me to "accept, tentative, decline" them and will not let me edit them in ZD.
  2. when I "reply to all" in ZD and the email originally came from me it now includes me in the cc list. ZD sends the email from and appears in the cc list.

Note ZD still sends my email with the "from field" as "" but by the time ZCS has received it and passed it on to the recipient it seems to have changed the "from field" to "". People replying are replying to "".

Can you please advise me on what I need to do to get ZD to change my email address in its account setup, or what I need to ask my organisation's IT people to do to solve this problem.

Thanks, J.