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Thread: Can no longer sync calendars

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    Default Can no longer sync calendars

    I transferred Zimbra to a new server this weekend and now everything works with the exception of syncing calendars on Desktop 1.0. It was working fine before the move.

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    Have you updated the server in the ZD setup page? If so, use the web-client to add a new calendar event (so you have something new to sync). Then use ZD to sync.

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    I'm having issues with the ZD calendar as well. I normally use Outlook 2003 with the 5.0.16 ZCO, but I'm doing some testing. Here's what I've done thus far:

    1) I've added appointments in my Outlook calendar and they show up in my Zimbra webmail, but not Desktop.

    2) I add an appointment to the webmail and it shows up in Outlook, but not Desktop.

    3) I add an appointment in Desktop, it shows up in Outlook and Webmail just fine, but doesn't show on the Desktop calendar. (which seems particularly odd)

    Once I shut down Desktop and restarted it, all appointments (even ones I entered days ago) appeared as if the calendar finally synced up.

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