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    Question Gmail like conversation view

    Hello All,

    I was a happy user of Outlook till I made Gmail as my primary account. After repeated Gmail outage, I am planning to use a desktop client for all my mails, a Yahoo account (the oldest), my ISP's account, hotmail and couple of Gmail accounts.

    I could do this in Outlook itself but I really really like Gmail's email sorting method, thats called as conversation view, I suppose (but its different than Outlook's conversation view)

    I am curious to know if Zimbra sorts emails like Gmail does once they are taken offline. Since this is a sole reason, I am moving away from outlook, I would like to have a definitive answer.

    Many thanks in advance.
    (P.S. - Zimbra help says that conversation view is possible but limited to conversation within 30 days but what I don't know is, if that conversation view is like Gmail or Outlook.)

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    Have you had a chance to try it out? If not, I'd say try it out, and give us some feedback (good or bad). We do have a feature in the UI to be able to view messages by conversation or by message; this may be of interest to you.

    I believe once the UI work is done for these enhancements, we'll see sorting capabilities improve both in the web-client and in Zimbra Desktop.

    Bug 1108 – Sorting should be available on ALL columns


    Bug 30272 – Status, Folder, and Size values for Conversation (Hybrid) View

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    Even though I wasn't expecting this kind of reply (as Zimbra boasts 40 million users), without waiting anymore for replies, I gave it a try.
    At first attempt, it looks like its sorting mails as Gmail but on more fine checking, I realized it does NOT sort as Gmail does. Though I must say Conversation view is lot better than Outlook.

    The replies are in the conversation but your messages are in the Sent folder. I am surprised to note that Zimbra didn't take into account that Gmail users will be one of the majority to use their client, taking into account that Thunderbird is losing its thunder.

    Coming back to the original point, if I have still missed something to be able to sort emails like Gmail, please drop a line or this feature request has already been reported.

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