Hello All,

I'm new the community, but I've been using Zimbra Desktop for a while. I recently installed a help desk system that sends embedded graphics in HTML messages. This formats the email nicely into a help desk ticket with links, logo, etc.

The specific problem I have is that while links and text show up in the body of the email properly, all the embedded graphics come through as attachments. Obviously, this trashes the formatting of the message and makes it very difficult and unappealing. Now, when I view these same messages in other clients or through a standard webmail interface, all the graphics appear properly and the message looks great.

I have my client set to display email as HTML when possible and also to automatically download images for HTML mail. These features have had no impact on the problem whether checked or unchecked. Upgrading to the latest build today did not resolve the problem either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? This is a significant problem for me and would force me to abandon Zimbra Desktop if it cannot properly display embedded images. I checked other threads related to HTML in this forum, but I didn't find anything like my issue.