I am a CompuServe Classic accountholder who now must access email through AOL Mail (although their servers have different names). The AOL Servers used are called pop.csi.com, imap.csi.com, and smtp.csi.com instead of the AOL or AIM server name equivalents.

However, when I tried to create an AOL account using my CompuServe account name in the form


Zimbra would not allow it. When I click "Validate and Save" it tells me that my email address is invalid, but it is not. It just doesn't have anything AOL-ish in it.

Has anyone else been able to set up AOL mail with a CompuServe Classic account? I have it set up as a pop3 account right now, but since it ignores the AOL folders, all of my mail is in one inbox (including recent deletes, but thankfully without spam).

The AOL servers don't even report back the proper certificates yet, plus, if we login and check the box to remember us at AOL mail, they tell also us our ID is invalid, so we have to type the ID and password every time we log in. It would be a big help if Zimbra could treat our accounts as AOL Mail accounts (which they are).

Does anyone know any workaround to "fool" Zimbra into allowing us to set up an AOL Mail account when Zimbra thinks we have entered an invalid email account? Might it work to set up a dummy AIM Mail account, set it up in Zimbra and then change it to my CompuServe account later?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.