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Thread: Does Zimbra Desktop increase risk of virus attack?

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    Exclamation Does Zimbra Desktop increase risk of virus attack?

    Have been looking at emails with attachments in Zimbra. If I use BtYahoo webmail I can see that the attachments are scanned before I open them. Not so with Zimbra. I am using McAfee and it doesnt recognise Zimbra as the email client. Does this mean my computer is more at risk of malicious attachments because I am using Zimbra and not webmail direct?
    Looking forward to some advice.

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    In your case, incoming emails are scanned by Yahoo servers for viruses by several anti-virus solutions. (The same is done by most other ISPs.) When downloaded/opened in Yahoo web-mail they are then scanned again in-case updated definitions catch something not previously considered a risk days or even hours before.

    As for Zimbra Desktop (regardless of account type) if you have a strong anti-virus solution which does real-time file monitoring and is updated frequently, you can feel 'covered' in every sense of the word 'safe' that you can be when it comes to dealing with viruses. A few good anti-spyware programs are also prudent.

    Some anti-virus programs have plugins to better interact with specific programs; I'm sure there are other mail applications that McAfee doesn't recognize yet.

    ZD previously would halt sync altogether when an anti-virus program quarantined/moved a message blob from the incoming folder, but we handle that IO error case a little better now.


    If your having trouble with a AV product interacting with Zimbra please file it in bugzilla. We try to be as local-AV friendly as possible, and perhaps at some point we'll bundle a solution like ClamAV in the desktop client. (Don't remember where that discussion was/the complexities involved.)

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