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    Did I bump to the limits of Zimbra?

    I like to have everything on my Zimbra server, but when in the office, I like to use my OSX applications to do the work. Works fine with email, calender, tasks.

    But now I like to send a mail to a group of contacts stored on the Zimbra server, all in the same addressbook.

    This doesn't seem to work with my desktop applications. I tried ldap and the addressbook. No luck.

    But when I try to send a mail from the webclient I can't drag the addressbook to my e-mail form. Nor can I select the addressbook. Sure, I can select them one by one but that's not the idea why I collect them in separated books.

    Any sollution?

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    I would also like to know this. Can we use the Zimbra server as an LDAP server for storing (multiple?) address books?

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