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Thread: Was Bug 31450 resolved? Causing emails being deleted from Yahoo Mail Servers?

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    Default Was Bug 31450 resolved? Causing emails being deleted from Yahoo Mail Servers?


    I am having the same issues as many others. However I can not find any resolve for the issue. Bugzilla 31450

    After moving Yahoo emails between folders in Zimbra Desktop the emails are deleted on the Yahoo Server.

    All I want to do is get the emails back on the Server. Is there anyway to do this?


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    Default I've been asking the same question!!!

    Hey Matt,

    I've been asking the same question, only how to move my emails back to the GoDaddy server, to no avail. The only response I've gotten is being ridiculed for not knowing the info to give them to help me (like the operating system and such), and to search the forums. I'm really angry at this point because I really need these emails....they're work related.....and Zimbra won't let me send out emails now. I have no idea why. My main question was asking how to save all my emails in Zimbra when I uninstall the program. I really don't understand why they can't answer the question. I see that this is the 2nd time you've asked your question as well. Grr!!


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