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Thread: zimbraPrefMailSignature error - any fix?

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    Default zimbraPrefMailSignature error - any fix?

    I am running zimbra desktop for Mac - v1 build 1593 - I have had one unique html signature and recently have tried to add another - same exact number of characters just different info and when I try to save I get an error:

    invalid request: zimbraPrefMailSignature is longer than the limited value 1024

    not sure what this means or how to correct - again I have another signature exactly the same and it has not been affected (even when making edits it allows me to save with no issues)
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    I have this problem too. I don't understand why it errs out for the same signature with few chars replaced. I had to trim down the signature heavily to save it.

    Can we actually set the limit manually other than 1024? or can we increase it at least?

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    I get this too now we are trying to replace our old signature on 5.0.13.

    Is this a possible bug Guys?


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