One of the main factors for me to switching to zimbra was the ability to use all my multiple senders registered in my Google apps account in only one synced to ZD.

I have, as an example, main account 1@domain.com, and as alternate accounts (identities) 2@otherdomain.com and 3@domainx.com.

I am able to send messages as "2@otherdomain.com" normally, but I have just detected a glitch: If I send the messa ge with an attachment, the "From" text loses my name. INstead of my full name at the side of the address 2@otherdomain.com, people only receive "From: 2@otherdomain.com", instead of "From: Marcelo <2@otherdomain.com>".

If I send the message without any attachment the name goes fine on the "from" header and the recipients can read my name fine. However, a simple attachment KILLS my name, making my mail look like an automaticcally generated message, a SPAM or at least something very unprofessional.

Have you ever had such problem? I would really like to have any clue if it's possible to solve this.

Thanks a lot,