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Thread: [SOLVED] Language Issues

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    Default [SOLVED] Language Issues

    Hi All,
    For some reason my zdesktop resets back to Arabic at every restart of the application even when i set the same in the options ->Global->Login Option->Language to english.

    Is there any way to apply these settings permanently to the system.

    Somebody as mentioned in some thread to reinstall but i dont think it works for me

    Any Help is appreciated

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    Default Is there no solution to this issue

    Hi Everyone,
    No Suggestion or a way out through this. Hope to hear something from someone.

    I think part of my issue is already addressed as a bug Bug 36122 – changing the language does not survive a reboot

    The other part is it defaults to Arabic on initial installation even when i choose the language english. This is persistent whenever i had chosen EngLish at the start of install
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    Default Language Settings Issue

    Just posting this for anyone who is facing a similar problem to mine.

    This basically atleast avoids the end user from the reset of the language everytime you have to restart zdesktop.
    The reasons for the same could be as follows
    1. Vista Issues. Options are not getting saved due to write permissions
    2. ZDesktop somehow is not able to write the same in the settings xml file


    Open the following file Zimbra\zdesktop\conf\attrs\zimbra-attrs.xml.

    This file is stored in the Zimbra settings folder

    Search for "zimbraPrefLocale"
    Insert a tag within the tag <attr ....> </attr>
    as shown below
    Restart the appication with the new language set as default

    The user locale is now saved and will now be available on the application.

    This resolved my issue Hope it does yours too

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