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Thread: ZD User dictionary?

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    Well, I finally saw in person what he's seeing and asking about.
    Three words.
    Two mispelt.
    First bad spell is highlighted.
    The second mispelt word is not highlghted...
    he spellchecks the first and corrects it, then the second one is highlighted.

    He wants all the misspellings of that same problem word to be highlighted in the body of the message...all at once.

    Is he out of luck in the ZDC?


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    Hope I'm on the right place here, newbe with Zimbra and lovin it. I installed the french dictionary as described in the related wiki and it does a great job. However I have 2 issues:
    1/I can't switch between English and French and
    2/when I choose english on my browser and type an email in english in Zimbra, it still keeps the english words underligned in red, thinking its in french. Any ideas on how tofix this?
    WinXP/sp3, firefox 3.5.7


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