Hi Zimbra Forum,

First time poster here so I hope that my post will be taken as serious feedback and not in any way negative.

I evaluated Zimbra Desktop (as part of an overall evaluation of the collaboration product). We are looking to stop using Exchange/Outlook.

All our domain email is hosted by Gmail. We were looking to use Zimbra Desktop as the client and have the collaboration server fetch email from gmail and also serve as a local SMTP server (among the other collaboration capabilities). The Zimbra DESKTOP client was connected directly to Gmail and we noticed the following Major problems.

1.) The possibility to sort emails on sender name is not functioning in either views (Conversation or Message)
2.) Signature cannot be set beyond 1024 characters (which is not enough if you use HTML and disclaimers).
3.) Cannot attach email to a current email. You can forward but cannot attach email(s) to a new email.

The above are some serious limitations and we have searched the forums (found bugs that were registered) but no resolutions.

We are using the latest GA client. We haven't completed the server evaluation as yet.