I've got an issue that I can't seem to get resolved...

1. In my office, I have dual monitors hooked up to my laptop. When I go to add attachments and click the "Browse..." button, the window will pop up where I can select a file and everything works great.

2. The problem is that if I take my laptop on the road, sometimes when I click the "Browse.." button it will pop the window up off-screen. I think that Zimbra must save the coordinates of this window... there is no way for me to grab the window and drag it back to my laptop screen. The ONLY way I can resolve this is to go back to my office and drag the "Browse..." window back over to my right screen (out of two monitors)

Is there a workaround for this? Can I somehow "reset" the coordinates of this window?

My temporary workaround is to manually drag files onto the email but this is not really convenient as I have to go hunt down the files, resize Zimbra so I can drag and drop.. etc.

Thank you, I love Zimbra Desktop I use it with Google Apps and it rocks!