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Thread: [SOLVED] Search ZDesktop

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    Default [SOLVED] Search ZDesktop

    Still experiencing weirdness with Search and Advanced Search.
    In Desktop build 1593, WInXP.
    I have a user who gets fewer results than expected when using Advanced Search, or when using shortcut search box ("from:[someone]")
    I have just installed Desktop on a twin laptop, with the user's account...and even before the user's account has fully propagated on my Twin PC, I am getting more complete results than the user does on his own laptop (original twin).
    I reindexed his mailbox Thursday, but his installation of Z Desktop still came back with poor results.

    Where should I look for this search problem.

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    OK, I ran the Desktop Re-Index utility from the user's PC, started it around 0800 .
    Though I'm not not sure how long it took on 50,000 messages..the user announced at 1500, that he could now find all the missing things that he couldn't find over the weekend.

    I wonder how the indexing could have gotten messed up.

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