My users are having some problems (or at least questions) working with attachments in Zimbra. If they use Firefox, they can specify how each type of attachment is handled (saved to disk, opened by a specific app, or handled by a plug-in). However, many of them use Zimbra Desktop also, because it allows them to drag-and-drop attachments and works as a default for "mailto" links.

The problem is that Desktop seems to have its own group of settings for how to handle attachments, which are not the same as the Firefox ones. So they have to enter all of those preferences again when they come across new document types. Since Desktop doesn't have a Preferences menu, there is no way to change these settings after the first time, short of editing the mimeTypes.rdf file. Is that correct?

I'm also finding that Desktop doesn't seem to remember the settings very well sometimes; it seems like I'm always having to specify how something is handled, even if I tell it to remember. And it doesn't appear that I can use plugins with Desktop (at least not the standard .xpi types), so I can't tell it to open PDF files inside the browser, for example.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make the user's experience as consistent as possible between the two methods of accessing Zimbra?