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Thread: Is there a solution for me?

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    Default Is there a solution for me?

    I read through a lot of stuff on the site and have somewhat of an understanding but am still a little bit confused as to the best solution for my situation as the information isn't organized in sort of an Answer Wizard format, which would be helpful.

    Running Outlook 2003. Recently got an iPhone and switch from getting mail via POP3 to IMAP. Like IMAP a lot better EXCEPT for how Outlook handles it - it sucks. Outlook for some reason randomnly cannot connect to the server (I check several e-mail accounts on several servers). Thereafter, most of the time I have to delete the account and recreate it or it just keeps throwing an error that it can't connect. It is a REAL pain.

    So my research points to Zimbra as the best alternative. Here's my needs:

    1. I'm an independent consultant - just one user. So I don't want to install a server product. It should work of my existing IMAP servers.

    2. It needs to be able to sync my calendar and contacts with my iPhone. (I just use IMAP on my iPhone to get my email)

    3. I need to be able to import all my calendar and contacts into Zimbra from Outlook 2003 and store them locally, not on a server, unless somehow I can get my IMAP server to store them (I assume not.) I also have so e-mail folders in Outlook with messages that are archived and not on my IMAP server that I want to import into Zimbra.

    What's the best solution?

    Thanks much in advance.

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    Anyone care to throw me a bone on this?


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