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Thread: Group Contact Aliases?

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    Default Group Contact Aliases?


    I've been using Zimbra Desktop for a few weeks now, and I absolutely love it!! I just recently started creating Group Contacts, but I noticed that when I sent out the emails using a Group Contact, it listed the email address of every member of that Group in the "To."

    Are there any thoughts about letting Group Contacts "alias" (if that is the right word) so that email recipients won't be able to see the addresses of every other recipient?

    Thanks for a phenomenal product!


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    I have just read your post.

    Use the Cci (blind carbon copy ) instead of the "To".

    The addresses won't show.

    Good day.

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    Correct. If the list is expanded on the client, then BCC is the only way to go -- though you will probably want to make the To: address yourself.

    What you're *actually* looking for is a feature I personally call "Blind-To:", where you specify the list, and the client sends an individual copy to each recipient, with that addressee as the To:, with a separate message ID and everything.

    The primary reason, I think, why no clients implement that is that you either have to carry N copies in your Sent folder, or figure out how to log all the message IDs generated by the send; that is, it's merely housekeeping; there's no *structural* reason why clients couldn't do it.
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    Thanks for the correction,

    Bcc must be in english and Cci in french.

    With my server I do not have to write my address (or any) in the "To:" field, I can leave it empty. When receiving the email, the "To" field shows: "undisclosed recipients:".
    But it happened to me once, probably with another server, that I was asked and I had to put an address in this field.

    My server does not send an individual copy to each recipient; it sends the same email to everybody but (when using the Bcc) no address shows. I would imagine that a mailing list would do what you explain.

    Thanks !

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