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Thread: Feedback from a corporate deployment

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    Default Feedback from a corporate deployment


    This is a follow-up to a thread I started which I figured deserved its own thread as my problem was solved.

    I basically gathered some feedback from my users and myself (16 installs spanning linux and windows xp/vista/2003) which I'd like to put out there, espcially since I know the dev team looks at these forums.

    I'm aware some issues are being worked on and I'll put my money where my mouth is and vote on them on bugzilla but I'm usually very bad at searching bugzilla so there were not a great deal of them I found. I put an asterisk next to the ones I know are on bugzilla so if you know its an existing bugzilla bug, please don't hesitate to direct me to it so I can vote for it. If there's no bug I can find, I'll report some of them to the tracker but I'd rather put it out here first than create duplicates. Plus discussion on these can only lead to good things I believe.

    Now onto the actual bugs/features my users have complained about :

    1) File type assocation option. Please have this. One like the mime-type in firefox would be a great start.
    2) Ability to open jpg, txt and html documents with something other than prism. They ignore mime settings for these and since prism is so barebones (as its meant to be), there's no "save as" option in prism.
    3) Attaching multiple documents is a huge chore. We should be able to select more than one document at a time under the "browse" window
    4) Theres no easy way we've found to insert email messages into another e-mail (forward is the only option).
    5) We can't save e-mails as a file (a good example is .msg in outlook). Saving e-mails, attachments included, is a good way to save important select e-mails for later proof it was sent.
    6*) Maximum view of 100 e-mails at a time. Excrutiating to look for e-mails or to transfer them to another folder when users have 5000+ e-mails in a folder.
    7) Read receipts and Delivery report. These are really a must. I know read receipts are going to be implemented in zcs6 but since this is a client feature, this is also important it gets into zdesktop. This one really is a must, again, for proof of reception as some customers like to pretend they've never received an e-mail (for example a price increase notification) to try an get better conditions/deals.
    8) Under linux, minimizing sometimes closes zimbra (centos 5.3 - happens on only one station). Under windows, the minimize to tray default is really annoying for most users. If at least there was an option to change the behavior.
    9) The download window. PLEASE hide it. Highly annoying and it serves absolutely no purpose I can see.
    10) Contact "popup" when typing in a message could be a bit more responsive. Fast typers often end up with half an e-mail because they press enter after the first few letters of an e-mail and the system didn't catch up.
    11) There should be a way to bypass the trash (like shift-delete in windows/outlook)
    12*) Fairly slow to open for the first use but I understand the reason behind it and can live with it. Its somewhat slow when you try and open a new window however (such as when typing a new messages).
    13) When we start a new e-mail and close the window (instead of doing cancel), it saves the draft without asking the user. Closing the window should be interpreted the same way as a cancel request and ask the user if he wants to save the draft
    14) Having the green light/red light next to the account name for the online/offline status of a zimbra account would be a good plus so users can know they have a connectvity issue.
    15) I'm using the default theme (yahoo) and the color for when something is selected (really light grey) is too pale. You need more than a quick glance to know where you are.
    16) Right clicking on an attachment to print it without opening it when we know what it is is another nice feature.
    17) The screen that pops up when we print an e-mail should also close automatically
    18) Dictionnary and grammar. Really should be a client side applet for this one. Enabling us to switch language on the go would also be great.
    19) The ability to choose the "To" column headers in all folders not just the "Sent" one. Useful mostly in Local Folders since the most backed up folder is sent. Sorting by the "To" column is also a BIG request by my guys (and I'm aware of view of developpers reagrding this and the search function and they're not wrong but old habits die hard, escpecially from office users when it comes to their computers).
    20) Task/caldendar pane in the mail window. That's a feature quite a few of my users enjoyed (and so did I) along with the ability to tag e-mails with categories and tasks. They could see everything on the same page.
    21) Blackberry/palm/ipaq native sync support. E-mails are not a huge issue since these devices can use imap. But since there's really no "across the board" standard for contacts and calendars as iCAL isn't really supported by a huge array of devices, this is where this becomes important. And we're not even speaking about contacts synching. I know this is planned down the line but this is an important feature in the corporate world.

    Finally, I haven't looked into it further than the main zimbra page, but I haven't seen a zimlet central repository (a bit like firefox with their addons). Maybe there's some great features I'm missing out on (and maybe there's some zimlets that could fix some of my issues even) but I'm unaware of them. This would solve that if theres one.

    As a whole, these are the comments of most of my users and myself. I've tried to put them in order of importance mostly (save for the blackberry one as that one I know is being considered by the devs) but I've taken a lot of heat from users for changing from Outlook to a software they feel is a huge step back from what they were used to and they're certainly right from a user experience point of view because there's so many different ways they need to act in a certain situation (for example, the html attachments vs regular attachments). There's too many exceptions.

    I expected a bit of backlash when doing the change because users certainly don't like change but its apparent the desktop part of zimbra lacks polish for corporate use and I wanted to generate some (hopefully) constructive criticism and a discussion about it.

    This obviously focussed on the sore spots and there's a lot of things I like about it as instant search, great seamless online/offline integration and cross platform availability otherwise I wouldn't be using it but these are a few sticking points that you would benefit from being adressed.

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    Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for for 4).

    And the gallery held the answer for 2 other of my points actually as 5) will be solved by using E-Mail downloader and 20) would be somewhat alievated by the E-Mail Reminder and Task Reminder zimlets.

    Plus there's a few others ones in the lot I like.

    I assume zimlets play nice with zdesktop as they do in the webmail application ? Will serverside zimlet installs propagate on their own the the desktop clients as well or they also need to be installed at each workstation ? The only info I've found while quickly looking at the wiki about this was for developpers and seemed to indicate local installs but this might be a different process for "normal" users since the beta is over.

    Thanks for the input.

    PS : I'd vote for those zimlet mentionned above to be part of zcs 6.x default install and to auto-propagate to zdesktop if they do not.

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