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Thread: Any way for single calendar view?

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    Default Any way for single calendar view?

    Hi, I just checked out the calendar feature but it's not as I expected. I thought I would be able to see my yahoo and google calendars combined in one view. But instead I only see yahoo appointment when I click on the yahoo account.

    Is there a way that when I click on Calendar (no matter which mail account I was currently using) that I could just see all appointments combined on a single calendar view?

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    I'd like to know how to do this as well.


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    Default Single Global Calendar

    I'm becoming acquainted with Zimbra Desktop. I've created mutliple email accounts and so far that works fine. For calendar use however I just want one instance of the calendar, global to all email accounts but so far it appears every email account has its own calendar.

    Is there a way to consolidate the individual calendars to one?

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    I know that the four of us are asking about this but I can't find where it is being discussed, does anyone have any pointers to discussions newer than Nov 2009?

    Thanks for anyones time!

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