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Thread: [SOLVED] Patch Zimbra Desktop 1.0.x to make it run on Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)

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    Default [SOLVED] Patch Zimbra Desktop 1.0.x to make it run on Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)

    Zimbra Desktop 1.0.3 should be available for download at Zimbra Desktop Downloads no later than tomorrow (8/28). We have added Snow Leopard support in this patch release in addition to a gal sync fix.

    ZD 1.0.3 for Mac direct link

    For those of you who don't want to upgrade to 1.0.3, here are some simple steps you can do to make ZD work again on Snow Leopard:

    1) Download and unzip attached to this post. The single file in this zip archive is libzimbra-native.jnilib (Size 24048 bytes, MD5 "8226dfab2141dfcc6a59650b2dee2366")

    2) Copy libzimbra-native.jnilib to <ZD installation directory>/lib, replacing the existing libzimbra-native.jnilib file)

    3) Using a text editor (e.g. vi), open <ZD Installation directory>/zdesktop, look for a line like this:

        if [ "$ver_minor" -gt "5" ]; then
    change this line to:

        if [ "$ver_minor" -gt "6" ]; then
    save the change and close the file.

    4) Start Zimbra Desktop
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