An old issue I've had with zimbra desktop for the last year I've used it, and which I thought had been solved by an update, has returned with a vengence. This is on xp pro.

I use two monitors. I want zimbra desktop to open full size on the right monitor. For most of the time I've used it, zd would start as a 'windowed' app in the left monitor, and if I grabbed it by the titlebar area and moved it over to the right monitor, it'd continue loading and eventually go to maximized on the right side monitor.

I always wanted zd to remember that I wanted it on the right monitor, but it seemed brain dead in this regards.

But then for the last recent period I found I did not have to move it to the left monitor manually - it did seem to remember that I wanted it on the right.

But then today disaster. It opened 'windowed' on the left as it always does, and then maximized to the left. I can't find any way to window it and then drag it over to the right. Worse, now if I close the zd service, and restart it, and manually drag the starting window over to the left, it still opens maximized on the left. It kind of takes over the desktop, covers all icons, and even the taskbar. I have to leave it off's more or less disabling my pc right now.

Hopefully someone knows a fix for this? And can anyone explain why zd behaves in such an odd manner, even on it's best days? Why does it not have the option to present itself as a regular windowed application that behaves as a good citizen on an xp desktop?

I hope I get some workable input on this soon because it's a major mess for me right now.