Let me start by saying that I think Zimbra is fantastic, BUT (there is always a but) like the parent company Yahoo confused about its customers. Let me explain what I mean.

I am a medium sized business owner. I am looking for a way to enhance collaboration between my employees as we have a couple of different offices.

As part of my process in deciding with what to install on our next server, I downloaded Zimbra Desktop as an experiment. My office currently uses exchange and we have IMAP activated. So, I went and installed my exchange IMAP account on Zimbra desktop.

As any business owner with server based programs can tell you, the exchange server can contain hundreds or thousands of client related public folders. Well - wouldn't you know - all the folders automatically sync. It is IMPOSSIBLE to use Zimbra when 1000s of client related folders are being downloaded. Now, i searched and search the Zimbra forums for a solution. I didn't find a solution but the reason why this happens.

Some guy with a gmail account requested that his 4 or 5 folders be automatically sync'd. That in itself is ok. What is the problem is that you are catering to the individual user. Because if your true focus was on business conversion, you would automatically know that most businesses have server based software. Autosync for all folders would be crazy for a business.

So, here we are - I am almost done turning off the 100s (actually its 1000s) of autosync'd folders on my Zimbra Desktop. If I wasn't dedicated to your software I would have given up and went to something else.

So - the question is for Zimbra. Are you going to be like your parent company - confused and lost. Or you going to drive toward business users to get paid and stay in business.

Catering to the guy with four folders on his gmail account is not the way to do it.

We all want to be everything for everybody - but it just doesn't work in the long run.