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    how to paste text in zimbra, many times when I copy text from a zimbra e-mail into a new zimbra e-mail I would loose all the existing text as all the text in the window where I would want to paste the text would be highlighted and if you still paste all the text is gone and only the pasted text would be there.

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    Click once in the new email so nothing is highlighted before pasting in?

    (If your describing a bug please list exact version 4.5.x, 5.0.x, 6.0.x & interface AJAX, HTML ... separate window vs main app or the new tabs, etc.)

    EDIT: Noticed this is in ZD section, can you get the 'about' build # info?

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    No that is not it.
    when you start to reply to a mail which you reply to, and then you save it as draft and then you get some text from another email, then you open the saved draft mail and then you try to paste the text into the mail you reply to then it will highlight everything ( right click on mouse ) and if you paste it then everything is lost only the pasted text is there.

    Step one:

    reply to a mail and start to write, then save to draft
    step two:
    open another mail and copy some test
    step three:
    open the previous saved msg from the draft folder and now try to paste you text into the mail, everything in that mail will be highlighted and and if pster it is lost.

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