Hi all.

Is possible to run ZDesktop on Multiuser Environment like Terminal Services and will be the default mail client?
My test environment is:
1 Windows 2003 TSV
1 Windows 2003 AD
1 ZCS 6.0 on Linux and
Last version of ZimbraDesktop

The first time, I installed ZDesktop with admin privileges without problems.
I copied 'Zimbra' folder to each $path_user_home (c:\Documents and Settings\$USER\Local Settings\Application Data) and last, changed permissions and owners.
I edited config files of jetty .... changing ports (7634,7635,....) and corrected $path_user_home..

With these changes... each user can startup a local jetty daemon and view your mails using ZDesktop but they will belong to administrator group, others users can't.

Is correct these procedure?
Is an issue that Zimbra corrects in the next release for ZDesktop?

Thanks in advance.