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Thread: Importing Folders from Thunderbird to ZD?

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    Default Importing Folders from Thunderbird to ZD?

    First, wanted to say GREAT JOB to the developers/writers/programmers! The desktop is running great so far - installed yesterday and took a while to sync my Yahoo!Mail account, but everything coming together. This is all I wanted - just a simple desktop program to get my Yahoo!Mail downloaded so I could manage my e-mails offline and at my convenience.

    I wish I had found Zimbra Desktop before I downloaded and installed and (subsequently) used Thunderbird. But that's the difference you get when you "google" OFFLINE e-mail client Yahoo vs. DESKTOP download client Yahoo.

    The string of incidences which brought me here:
    1) Downloaded and installed Thunderbird
    2) Downloaded and installed YPops!
    3) Downloaded and installed Webmail add-on for Thunderbird.
    4) Downloaded and installed Yahoo!Mail add-on for Thunderbird.
    5) Downloaded about half of the 3,800 e-mails I had then started getting "bad vibes" messages when trying to connect.
    6) Re-started quite a few times to "reset" the applications to get the rest of my messages. (It was deleting the emails online as it was downloading).
    7) Found Zimbra (with about 250 emails left in my Yahoo!Mail Inbox online).
    8) Now, I'm doing a work-around to get the e-mails transferred (or migrated) from Thunderbird to ZD.
    i) Installed add-on to Thunderbird (SmartSave) which allows you to export folders and individual e-mails into a local hard drive folder.
    ii) Installed "arc_convert" program, written by some guy in Germany, which converts .ZIP files into .TAR.GZ files. Took me while to locate something that would do so!
    iii) Compress the individual .EML files into a single .ZIP file.
    iv) Convert the .ZIP file to a .TAR.GZ file using the "arc_convert" program.
    v) Then Import into ZD through the Import/Export tab in Preferences.

    I was able to .ZIP a whole folder and convert to .TAR.GZ, but when attempting to Import to ZD, it doesn't seem to place the folder anywhere (or the .EML files within) that I can find them.

    Does ZD not support a way to import a whole folder?

    Have searched for an answer and the only thing that I could find is moving folders or content with IMAP...


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    After searching and searching for a way to get a "true" .tgz archiver, I finally searched with the right verbage in Google to find an answer. Actually, I found several software solutions - all claiming to support .tgz (a few only unpacked .tgz) but for the most part, they turned out to be only .tar or some variant of gzip that didn't quite get the crossover.

    Seriously... I downloaded and installed about 5 programs that claimed to get me the results I wanted, all to no avail...

    That's when I stumbled upon Alpha Zip. This little Windows app did exactly what I was needing it to do: it compresses the folder into .TAR and .GZ, then combines the two to create the .TGZ...

    I'm still skittish about attempting to load e-mail into ZD now. So, I think I wil just archive for a while to see if there are any answers, updates, etc. that can help me. I don't want to lose any more messages than I already have.

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