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Thread: Delete all the contacts

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    Cool Delete all the contacts

    I have ZD 1.0.3 over Windows 7 in my notebook and works fine.
    But as the sync of contacts doesn't work, I have to import frequently the contacts of my main desktop PC. But Import command not always works fine, so I have to delete all the contacts and reimport. I didn't find a way to delete more than 25 contacts at once and I need a method to erase all in one move. Please, tell me how is it done, please.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Best regards


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    zmmailbox -z -m <username>
    emptyFolder /Contacts

    it will delete all the cotnacts in the folder

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    Thank you, praveen25, but it seems a command line for linux. How do you do this task in Windows? Or, if it is a command line for cmd.exe, where do you execute this, in zimbra's folder? is the second line another commando or a parameter of the first one?
    Excuse me for all those questions, but I abandoned DOS command line many years ago...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridagold View Post
    Thank you, praveen25, but it seems a command line for linux.
    That is a command for the Zimbra collaboration Suite. You can import the contacts and choose the "Resolve duplicates:" option (Advanced setting on the Import page) and choose the Reset option, that will remove all your contacts before importing the new ones. Search the Zimbra Desktop help for the word 'duplicates'.


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