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Thread: Zdesktop VS yahoo! calendar sync issue ...

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    Question Zdesktop VS yahoo! calendar sync issue ...

    I try to sync a yahoo! mail account with my Zdesktop.

    Mail and Adress book sync work well ... but I am unable to sync my calendar.

    In the logs I've seen that Zdesktop try to sync a Google calendar and not my yahoo calendar

    From the logs
    2009-11-17 12:27:56,630 INFO [btpool0-27] [ds=XXX;] datasource - Test succeeded: DataSource: { id=2cdc3c58-4119-4f02-893d-b4a70a5cbd44, type=imap, isEnabled=true, name=XXX,, port=993, connectionType=ssl, username=XXX, folderId=1 }
    2009-11-17 12:27:58,067 DEBUG [btpool0-27] [ds=XXX;] offline - testing offline caldav access:
    2009-11-17 12:27:58,067 DEBUG [btpool0-27] [ds=XXX;] offline - offline caldav login test: url= path=/calendar/dav/@USERNAME@/user
    2009-11-17 12:27:58,067 DEBUG [btpool0-27] [ds=frc;] dav - WebDAV request (depth=zero): /calendar/dav/
    2009-11-17 12:27:58,229 DEBUG [btpool0-27] [ds=frc;] offline - caldav login failed:; status=401

    Any idea how to change that ??


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    Quick update, about my zDesktop version

    Zimbra Desktop 1.0.3 5build 1696)
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; fr; rv: Gecko/2008072406 Prism (zdesktop/1.0.3)

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    At the end, there is no problem with Zimbra desktop.

    All the workaround is on Yahoo! server side.

    If I configure ZD with my email adresss like I can send/receive email but can't use calendar.

    If I configure my ZD with my email adress like, I can use the calendar and receive my email but can't send email.

    I think there is some country restrictions issues not mentined anywhere.

    If you want to stay with Yahoo! You can try to set up two account in ZD, one with you for email and an other one with for your calendar; It is not very satisfationary but it may fit your needs

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    Default Same issue for me (sort of)

    I have found that if your e-mail is an - e-mail, calendar, and contacts works fine. If your e-mail ends in something other than but IS a yahoo e-mail accont - the cal sync doesn't work because it seems to want to go to google instead. My ISP e-mail is from at&t but hosted by Yahoo - I have the cal sync issue with it but with my account all is well. Just be sure you have converted your calendar to the beta version.

    There is a bug listed for it (43768) but it doesn't seem to be getting any attention.

    If you cannot send e-mail - either your SMTP settings are incorrect or it's like you said - a country thing.

    If your account has biz mail associated with it - that does not work.

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