we use ZD because some of our employees are on the road with notebooks. They have mobile data cards to be able to connect to the internet at all times (over mobile network), but ZD is a very convenient way to have your e-mails available offline (and only go online when needed).

The problem is, that there are different use cases that are not supported conveniently (neither by the os, nor by ZD).

I'd like to have different behaviour dependent on my network connection:

1. As long as I am connected to the company lan, I want to work with Zimbra Web Client, as it is the most powerful client and I want my users to use this. ZD syncs in the background, so as soon as I disconnect, I have the lastest status of the mailbox synced in ZD. Fine.

2. I start travelling (e. g. in the train) and want to work without internet connection. ZD is great here, too.

3. I want to connect using a (sometimes weak) mobile connection, to check for new mail. Users that now use the web client, use double the amount of network traffic, because ZD is now syncing in the background as well. So I should advise the users, to only use ZD when not in the office? It would be great for ZD to be configurable: if Lan connection 1 is available, sync automatically, if Lan connection 2 (mobile) is available, don't sync unless the user presses the "get/recieve mail now" button. Or something like this.

Zimbra: any plans on implementing something like configurable behaviour for different network connections?

All users: does anybody have experiences with use cases like these and usage of Zimbra Web and Desktop client in different situations? What are your recommendations?