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Thread: Is anyone doing support here anymore?

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    Exclamation Is anyone doing support here anymore?

    I posted some problems that I was having with Zimbra Desktop in these forums, but no one is responding to them. Its been awhile, and the problems that I am having with folders non syncing is worse. I may have to quit using zimbra if this keeps happening. Where has the support gone?

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    I'm going to assume you are talking about this thread:

    First of all you had posted it in the wrong sub-forum, it should have been in the error reports section. I have moved it there for you.

    Secondly try to keep in mind that these forums, although they are the official Zimbra forums, and are hosted by Zimbra, are all volunteer based. If somebody doesn't know an answer to your problem, they won't respond. There is no obligation for people to look into your problem.

    Hopefully now that the thread is in the error reports section somebody might be able to help you.

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