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Thread: Zimbra Desktop import mail from previous installation

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    Default Zimbra Desktop import mail from previous installation


    I know this question could be repetitive but whenever I search for import, I keep getting results regarding import from other clients.

    My PC crashed yesterday but luckily I had a full partition backup. I have re-installed Windows and Zimbra Desktop but cannot figure out how to import the same profile, mail and contacts into the new installation.

    I tried copying all the folders from the backup to my installation directory but then I started getting Unauthroized Access error when I started Zimbra Desktop.

    Its my office mail so I really need to get back on track quickly. Appreciate any help.

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    I guess this is not as active community as I had hoped. Anyway, after searching through many forum pages I found out that simply copying over the old folders to the new installation directory should work. The culprit turned out to be the fact that the folders I copied over from backup had read-only access by default. Turning that to Read-Write did the job for me.

    On a separate note, I am using Windows 7 now and Zimbra Desktop seems to be working perfectly.

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