The company I work for currently uses Mozilla Thunderbird for their email client. Truth is though, I feel that Zimbra Desktop is superior to Thunderbird in every way, minus a few small things. So here are my questions and I hope you can help me out:

1) Is there a way to change ZD's skin to make it look different?
2) Is there a working solution, not using ZCS or GAL, to connect to LDAP the way you would in Thunderbird? Thats how we use our corporate address book. Basically we would set up the ldap server which is something like, and then the base DN which would be something like o=LOU and the port which would be 389. Once those settings are in, you can start typing in the name and it would start appearing as you type. Any clues if this is possible, or if there is a Zimlet that works that would do that? Can anyone create a Zimlet that would do that?

3) Is there anyway we can sync our calendars to a Sun Convergance calendar system and CalDav? I thought we could do the CalDav, but for some reason I cant do it with mine.

4) Can anyone provide me with a list of Zimlets specifically compatible with ZD?

5) Where can I download a compiled version of the beta's and release candidates?

Thanks in advance for your help.