I know this has been discussed before as I have searched for it but did not find what could be wrong with what I'm doing. I have a Biz mail account name@mydomain.net. Clearly - it shares a calendar and contacts with the free yahoo account it is attached to othername@yahoo.com. I was finally able to get the Biz mail account to sync in ZD with contacts by creating it without having created the @yahoo.com but the calendar is still a no go and - yes, it has been upgraded to the beta version. Any ideas?

My windows live account @msn.com is getting a denied access from this client message. I know - an MS issue? The @msn accounts are paid for (and about 10 years old) so I would think that it would work as it works with Windows Live Mail (MS blocking the competition?)

My at&t UVerse e-mail syncs but it too has the calendar sync problem but it does not yet seem upgradable to the beta version. And ideas about these 'partner' accounts?