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Thread: Signature problem

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    Default Signature problem

    I am having the same problem. Using Zimbra Desktop. Anybody found a fix for this yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbdsm View Post
    I am having the same problem. Using Zimbra Desktop. Anybody found a fix for this yet?
    I've moved this to the correct forum as it has nothing to do with the Zimbra Web UI Please describe your problem in detail and have a look in bugzilla for any similar problems, if none exists then file a report.


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    I am using the Zimbra Desktop Client. Originally, I had set up a plain text signature in the Options menu. Some time later, I changed this signature to HTML, changed the wording of the signature, and added an image to it. After doing this, the new signature successfully displayed in my e-mails. However, after logging out and logging back in to the Zimbra Desktop Client, the signature reverts back to the previous plain text signature with the old wording. I then have to make the changes to the signature every time I log in. There is only one signature set up, and I have tried deleting it and creating a new html signature, but it still reverts back to the old, plain text signature when I log in.

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    Default I'm experiencing this too.

    We have users who just recently migrated to Zimbra Desktop from Outlook and they are wanting to go back to Outlook (lame I know...). Has anyone found a fix for this?

    As best as I can tell it's fairly intermittent. I suspected that it was anytime the client was closed and reopened that it would default to plain text, but I just rebooted and my HTML signature is working. It's rather bizarre.

    Any ideas?

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