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Thread: Exporting a PGP message to eml/msg?

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    Default Exporting a PGP message to eml/msg?

    Since Zimbra Desktop does not support PGP and I need PGP in my work, I've been experimenting different ways to work around the problem on Windows 7 platform. Especially decrypting incoming PGP.

    Normally I receive PGO-encrypted messages as attachment (pgp.asc).
    I can save that attachment to a file (the same pgp.asc) and decrypt it using GPG Windows clipboard tool.

    However, in my recent cases that attachment file has turned out to contain a multipart/mime message (with both text and an attachment). That decrypted message is not complete, since it is missing the original From/To/etc headers. So if I save it to a file, basically no program can open it.

    So it seems I need to export that original message (with the pgp.asc) attachment to a complete eml/msg file Outlook can open and do the whole PGP decrypt chain there. I have installed GPG support in Outlook.

    I have tried to export the whole message in Zimbra Desktop ("show original" and then copy/paste to a text doc and save) to both an .eml and .msg file but in both cases Outlook does not want to deal with the resulting files.

    So, questions:

    1) Does anyone know a better way to export/save an e-mail message
    in Zimbra Desktop than "show original" -> copy/paste to notepad -> save?

    2) Does anyone know, which format/extension I should use if I want to get Outlook (not Express) to open the rfc822 message saved in Zimbra using technique above?

    3) Does anyone have good workflow hints how to deal with pgp on Zimbra desktop?

    I know I can get PGP to work with Thunderbird (my previous e-mail client), but installing T'bird to a computer with two other e-mail programs (Zimbra, Outlook) really defeats the purpose of why I started using Zimbra.

    I'm trying really hard to like Zimbra here. But right now this is a FAIL.

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    Can you configure Outlook to connect to the same server as ZD, but download headers only? I think Outlook can fetch bodies of IMAP messages on demand.

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