Dear Zimbra-ites,

Here is the situation:
Zimbra Desktop 1.0.3 Build 1696 on Mac OS 1.5.8. Intel.
stand alone installation NO ZCS connection (Yet).
Runs fine although a little slow to start:
after installation setup yahoo mail account. no problems.
then added gmail account (#1), no problems.
after using for a couple of weeks (and thinking things were going ok) decided to add another gmail account (#2): checks mail fine but contacts don't sync.
*** here is where problems start..
decided to import my thunderbird contacts (needed for gmail #2)...
- selected gmail #2 account
- options > import/export > contacts and selected contact file from TB
- "import succeeded"
- switch to contacts tab for gmail#2
- *** NO CONTACTS listed.
- selected first Gmail account (#1) - all contacts there!

OK... no problem if i can
a) copy them to gmail#2 and or
b) have them included in the lookup when writing email from gmail#2...

when I create a new email in Gmail#2 i can not see the other address books, and lookup doesn't find the addresses.
also I can not see anywhere to enable sharing of addresses between the accounts... A VERY KEY FEATURE for me and thousands of other users I'm sure and more to the point, a feature listed on the Zimbra Desktop web page...
AM I MISSING SOMETHING or is it back to thunderbird... :-(