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Thread: Some gmail accounts do not synch contacts

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    Default Some gmail accounts do not synch contacts

    There are some known bugs with contact synch - here is one that's in bugzilla and is supposed to be fixed for zd 2.0.

    Bug 38817 – Google contact sync failure if no contacts exist

    I was not able to determine if another possibly related bug re contact sync is already known.

    That is that any contacts I enter into zd never make it up to gmail. The other direction is fine; a contact entered into gmail is copied to zd quickly.

    The bug applies to both plain gmail and google apps accounts. For all of these accounts, "Synchronize all contacts and groups" is turned on.

    Is this a known bug? I'd imagine many have run into it.

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    I've had a similar issue and come across others on the Forum etc. My issue is only syncing with my "First" gmail account, others just giving me errors.

    Is this issue being ignored because of the Yahoo verse Google rivalry? Seems that getting support or help is a very slow process on a lot of issues and bugs!


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    I updated to the latest zd yesterday, which may or may not have made a difference. But now I find that entries created in zd *are* sent up to gmail. BUT they only become visible after I log off of gmail and log back on again. Moving to a different folder in gmail and then back to Contacts does not work...only logging out and back in.

    Is that strange or what?

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