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Thread: [SOLVED] ZD 1.03: Options | Preferences not accessable correctly

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    Exclamation [SOLVED] ZD 1.03: Options | Preferences not accessable correctly

    if I click on options|preference nothing is displayed until I click a second time on the options tab. However then not all tabs of options are presented.
    Instead of showing the tabs Global | Mail it shows Mail | Mail and the panes are empty.
    This happens on a Windows XP installation with ZD 1.03 It also happend on a linux setup but here we were able to fix it by simply closing the backend process ZD. Under windows this does not work.

    Anyone out there who has or had the same problem, which I assume, since it happened on different installations to me as mentioned above.

    The clients are running against:
    Release 6.0.4_GA_2038.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 NETWORK edition

    Thanks for you help!

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    Setting was not shown since on the server had disabled the feature to access options. Probably would be nice for ZD that it does not the options button when the server does not allow. Or give some information about instead of the current behavior.


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