Hopefully someone can offer a quick fix for this. I downloaded Zimbra Desktop about a week ago with both Yahoo and AOL email accounts. Everything worked great for several days, but now I'm having a problem - it won't synch with Yahoo. It's still synching fine with AOL. I went several hours without getting a Yahoo email and thought it was strange, so just logged onto Yahoo Mail via the internet and had about 20 new emails.

I've looked thru the FAQ's and haven't been able to find anything. I have the "green dot" next to the inbox. The little "wheel" like thing next to "Yahoo" keeps turning like it's trying to download but never does. MS Task Manager shows Zimbra is running.

I tried un-installing Zimbra and re-downloading. That worked for about a day and now I'm back to the same problem.

Help! I can't use this program if it won't synch!! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I really like the features and the look so I would like to get this resolved.

Thanks in advance.