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Thread: Will VMWare Zimbra sync with free yahoo! mail

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    Default Will VMWare Zimbra sync with free yahoo! mail


    Now that VMWare is acquiring Zimbra, will zimbra desktop continue to work with Free Yahoo! Mail as it does today.

    AFAIK, free yahoo! mail doesn't provide POP/IMAP service.

    Thanks in advance!

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    While this isn't an official answer by any means, I'm assuming it will. The reason I assume that, is because if you read the announcement for their Zimbra acquirement, it states "Under the terms of the agreement, VMware will purchase all Zimbra technology and intellectual property. Yahoo! will have the right to continue to utilize the Zimbra technology in its communications services, including Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Calendar."

    So I think Yahoo and Zimbra will still continue to remain connected, but Yahoo just doesn't own them anymore.

    Of course, things can change though.

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