I normally use ZCS which is hosted at a service provider and I access it using Firefox most of the time. I just started using the Zimbra Desktop on Ubuntu 9.10 and it seems like the Desktop briefcase contents is always different than what I see while using Firefox to access the hosted mailbox. If I hover over the word briefcase within both clients, the tooltip says the same thing (Folders: 17 Size: 26MB). But if I navigate into some briefcase folders using the Zimbra Desktop I find them empty, no files listed. Over the last few days I noticed little by little some of the files begin to appear. However, at this moment several files are still missing.

Is there a way to force a re-sync of the briefcase just like the "Send/Receive" button when using the mail tab? I found the option when you right click on a folder to "Refresh" but this doesn't seem to do anything. Could it be that it believes all objects are there, hence the same folder count and MB size, and it does not believe there is anything to synchronize? Is this an indexing problem where the content of the briefcase is there but it has not been indexed, if so, can this be easily re-indexed?

BTW - The mail seems to stay synchronized by clicking on the "Send/Receive" button so I do not believe this is a communication problem or bandwidth issue.