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Thread: Gmail : SSL connection failure

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    Unhappy Gmail : SSL connection failure

    Just got Zimbra so I can keep tabs on both my Yahoo and Gmail account. Yahoo sets up just fine, but when I try to get my Gmail, I can only get messages in my inbox. My sent messages do not appear. Both accounts are still trying to sync, I think. Anyway, after a while, I got the error 'SSL connection failure. Please check host and port settings.' for my Gmail account. So I tried to fix it, but I didn't know how to. So I deleted the Gmail account, and tried setting up my Gmail account under IMAP. Used the same settings as stated on Gmail's website for Outlook. But I still can't get my sent messages, and once I got the same error.

    I can send and receive emails, but emails in the sent folder do not appear.

    The sync debug log has been provided.
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