I installed ZD yesterday on my Windows XP machine, and then proceeded to synchronize my Yahoo account. All went well, and after a few hours all of the email in my folders was imported from Yahoo. However, I have a problem with the dates of some of the imported mail being incorrect. I have a Roadrunner email account which I periodically accessed via POP3 from my Yahoo account in order to save my RR emails on Yahoo. RR email has a 100 MB limit, so it was necessary to do this occasionally in order to delete my older RR emails. I saved my Roadrunner emails in two folders ( one for received mail and one for sent mail ). Problem is in ZD the dates on these emails is the date I imported them to Yahoo, and NOT the date I originally received or sent them. The correct date is still there in the date header.

I searched the forums extensively for a solution, but none of the suggested solutions worked. I tried reindexing first. After that, I reimported all the emails by adding /tb after my yahoo address. Again, that didn't work. I even tried removing the line containing the imported date info from the saved email files as shown below ( and reindexing afterwards ):

Received: from pop-server.nyc.rr.com by web51409.mail.re2.yahoo.com with YMEXTPOP; Tue, 26 May 2009 02:33:21 PDT ( <- this is the only line with the date email was imported to my Yahoo account )
Received: from xx.xxx.xxx.xxx by webmail.nyc.rr.com; Fri, 17 Apr 2009 21:32:00 +0000 ( <- this is the correct date which appears multiple times in most emails )

There is apparently nowhere else in the saved email where the imported date is saved, so what I did should have worked but didn't. Apparently ZD also stores this date elsewhere, or reindexing after editing the files would have worked. Granted, editing ~6000 files is a brute force solution, but I would do it if it solved the problem but it didn't.

I would greatly appreciate a solution to this problem. I don't mind having to reimport my mail again if need be.

Another less important issue is that I wish to add a "TO" column to some of my saved folders ( i.e. the ones containing mail I sent from Roadrunner ). Obviously the FROM column isn't particularly useful as it has my Roadrunner address, not whom I sent the mail to. Can this be done, and if not, could it possibly be under consideration as a future feature?

Other than these two things, I like ZD a lot and will continue to use it. I've been looking for a way to locally save the huge amount of emails I have stored on the Yahoo server without needing to individually save each one. ZD provided me with that answer! Thanks for a great product!