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Thread: Reminder more than 18 Hours

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    Default Reminder more than 18 Hours

    Please see Bug 15146 – add calendar reminders with units = days

    Whilst this is fixed for web-client when will it be implemented in Zimbra Desktop.

    I'm on lastest release 1.0.3 Release 1691 and we can still only set 18 Hours. Got a few customers getting pretty annoyed.

    ETA:- Took Two years to get it into ZCS, how long for ZD?


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    ZD 1.x is based on the older versions of the 5.0.x branch of ZWC. ZD 2.0 will be based on the 6.0.x branch, the first beta build of that is currently scheduled to be released on 2/12/10. You can follow it's status here: Zimbra Product Portal

    You can also file a bug for the current ZD and see whether they will fix it before the 2.0 release.

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