Hello everyone

I was wondering if perhaps you could help me with a problem i have been encountering recently.

I am running Yahoo Zimbra Desktop 1.0.3 (build 1691) on my PC and while i did have some small hiccups on the initial setup everything works fine now.

My problem is that i decided to install Zimbra on my laptop as well and cannot seem to import my data properly. I basically exported all the data files from my PC and tried to transfer the data to my laptop.

When i choose the import feature i got about 250-300 mails imported before i got an "ALERT" stating "This Document contains no data file" and after that warning occurs no more emails of the 1600 total emails are restored.

I did try to do it the hard way by sync it with the "Send/Recieve" button but i get another message saying that it could not connect with the server due to an "Empty Response"

I tried uninstalling and resintalling Zimbra and even took a fresh export of the data file from the PC. This time i had imported about 339 emails before i received the "Alert" once again.

I am pretty sure that it should work as i did do a clean install of windows xp on my PC, at one time, and managed to recover all the files from the .tgz file without any issues.

So does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what i should be doing?