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Thread: cannot send from desktop - hotmail

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    Default cannot send from desktop - hotmail

    Hi, I'm new to desktop as from today, always used outlook till now. my problem is, i cannot send mails. i can receive no problem and have checked smtp settings are correct. as it is not possible to leave a copy of messages on the server with hotmail (a big problem) i now have all my mail in zimbra with no way of replying or forwarding.

    i run win7 home premium and have a standard free hotmail account. dont know how to find version of desktop but it was downloaded today.

    while i'm on, how can i run email filters on messages already in inbox?



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    I am not able to send either. I'm on Win XP sp3. If I hit new/reply/forward and it opens in tab compose I can compose just fine but when I hit send everything grays out and nothing goes to the outbox. If I open it the email I composed (which is now in draft) and try to send it still will not send.

    In order to send mail now I have my options set to always compose in a new window. Opening in a new windows however goes to text format even though I do have my settings set to compose in HTML. If I compose in text format in a new window it will send, however if I manually change to compose in HTML it will not send.

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled, rebooted, waited till the next day, uninstalled other email apps just in case there was some strange conflict...nothing worked. I did find a few bug reports listed.

    Bug 43882 – compose from tab won't send mail

    Bug 44023 – cannot send in tab compose


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