Any idea how does the error appears? We have Google Apps Standard account and since it is like gmail I usually add this to Zimbra Desktop using the already preconfigured account type "Gmail". Most of the time this setting work flawless until one of the users got this error message while synchronizing with the gmail server. "SSL connection failure. Please check host and port settings." I wonder how this happen since if you would add a Gmail account on Zimbra Desktop theres not much to configure other than your password and email address.

Is this a bug or I just need to reinstall Zimbra Desktop again and resync the account?

Another thing:

PC1 has Zimbra desktop installed into the path "D:\zdesktop". PC2 has no Zimbra desktop. Then I copy and paste the folder "\zdesktop" into PC2 in the path "C:\zdesktop". Afterwards I install Zimbra desktop to PC2 in the same path where I copied the Zimbra desktop files I've got from PC1. Then I start Zimbra desktop in PC2 and voila!! All emails from PC1 where transfered to PC2, exactly the same thing with sync working.

Is this a feature or a bug? For us in the IT department it saves us time since we will not going to add the mail signatures & mail filters again. (Which is not exported using the Import/Export function).

In addition to the SSL error above, is there a way to prevent unauthorized replication or duplication of mails. Also is there a way to save and export mail signatures and mail filters?

Thanks. Looking forward to Zimbra Desktop 2.0