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Thread: Turkish support?

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    Unhappy Turkish support?

    This is my first message to Zimra forum.

    Its clear that Zimbra is really great product in opensource collaboration softwares I have ever seen. But one BIG problem for my country that Zimbra Desktop dosn't work on Turkish installed operating system. There are a lot of threads in I found in this forum without solution about this issue. Developers says we should wait v2.0. We all grow impatient.

    In past I have experienced some troubles about localization of some softwares that they have some commands beginning with lower case "i" that should transform to capital "I" by the system. But in Turkish alphabet, capital letter of "i" is "İ" (I with point). Or opposite of this, lower case of "I" is "ı" (i without point). Just a little point could be a very big problem for computer systems as you know.

    So, are there any developments about Turkish support?


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    The first public beta of ZD 2.0 has been released, try it out and see how it works for you.

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